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           Biotechnology’s Regulatory Science: The Case of Roundup Ready
Soybeans’ Patent Expiration

Daniel Puente-Rodríguez and Jac A.A. Swart
Biofortification of Food Crops in India: An Agricultural Perspective
V. Visha Kumari, Owen Hoekenga, K. Salini, and
M.A. Sarath Chandran
Perceptions of Non-Europeans on Biotechnology in Europe: Bridging the Knowledge Gap
Isma Moualhi, Hashini Galhena, Karim Maredia, and Cholani Weebadde
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Perspectives: Access and Benefit Sharing as an Innovative Financing Mechanism
Balakrishna Pisupati and Sanjay K Bavikatte
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Report: Round Table on Governance of Regenerative
Medicine and Patients’ Needs in India
RIS-UNESCO Report on Biotechnology Capacity in Asia- Pacific
Book Review: Emerging Policy Issues in Synthetic Biology 
K. Ravi Srinivas
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