Discussion Papers

Discussion Paper: # 248

Exchange Rate Crises: Experience of India, East Asia and Latin America

Manmohan Agarwal & T. R. Vandana

Discussion Paper: # 246

The 2008 Financial Crisis and Shifts in Economic Power

Manmohan Agarwal & Amrita Brahmo

Discussion Paper: # 245

Economic Multilateralism in Peril

Manmohan Agarwal

Discussion Paper: # 244

Surmount Challenges, Cash in New Trade Opportunities

Dammu Ravi

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Discussion Paper: # 243

Social Stock Exchange for Social Enterprises and Social Incubators: An Exploratory Study for India

Sachin Chaturvedi Sabyasachi Saha Arun S. Nair

Discussion Paper: # 241

Prospects of Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

Manmohan Agarwal and Adrita Banerjee

Discussion Paper: # 240

Sustainable Agriculture and Nutritional Security: Emerging Policy Options with Production Choices

P. K. Anand, Krishna Kumar and Shruti Khanna

Discussion Paper: # 239

Monetary Policy Effect on Inflation and Growth

Manmohan Agarwal Irfan Ahmed Shah