Discussion Papers

Abstract: Ethiopia is one of the few countries in Africa with whom India has enjoyed a long standing partnership in development cooperation.

Abstract: While India’s emergence as a rising economic power is an outcome of dynamic advantages based on technological learning and skills, innovation driven competitiveness has been much less prominent.

Abstract: This paper examines the implications of the establishment of the New Development Bank (NDB) and the Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) for the international financial system and for the BRICS countries.

Abstract: Technological interventions have contributed to increased yields and food security.

DP 194 Ravi Srinivas

Discussion Paper: # 194

Synthetic Biology in India: Issues in Risk, Power and Governance

by Krishna Ravi Srinivas

Abstract: Synthetic biology is an emerging technology that can facilitate ‘design’ and ‘creation’ of micro-organisms which may not be found in nature.

DP 193 Amit Kumar

Discussion Paper: # 193

Nanotechnology Development in India: An Overview

by Amit Kumar

Abstract: Nanotechnology has been heralded as a revolutionary technology by many scholars worldwide.

DP 192 Shipra Nigam

Discussion Paper: # 192

The Growth-Employment Relationship Since 2000

by Shipra Nigam

Abstract: This discussion paper is a brief assessment of the employment challenge that become manifest in the Indian economy during the past decade.

DP 191 Dr Biswajit Dhar

Abstract: In 2009, the European Union (EU) proposed to use border carbon measures, which could take the form of a direct or indirect “carbon tax”, against imports from its partner countries that were not following its emi

Dr.RamUpendraDas and JaydevDubey

Discussion Paper: # 190

Mechanics of Intra-Industry Trade and FTA: Implications for India in RCEP

by Ram Upendra Das and Jay Dev Dubey

Abstract: Worldwide, free trade agreements (FTAs) have remained a debatable issue.

DP 189 Dr Biswajit Dhar and Sabyachai Saha

Discussion Paper: # 189

An Assessment of India’s Innovation Policies

by Biswajit Dhar and Sabyasachi Saha

AbstractThis paper presents a detailed overview of the innovation policy framework in India in order to assess its role in innovations and enterprise development in the Indian industry.