Discussion Papers


Discussion Paper: # 177

BRICS and South-South Cooperation in Medicine: Emerging Trends in Research and Entrepreneurial Collaborations

by Sachin Chaturvedi and Halla Thorsteinsdóttir

Abstract: Though there is huge spectrum of South-South collaboration, led by the economies from the BRICS countries in the medical field there is a lack of studies examining the extent and characteristics of these collabo


Discussion Paper: # 176

The R&D Scenario in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

by Reji K Joseph

Abstract: A set of policy reforms have been introduced in the Indian pharmaceutical sector since mid-1990s, aimed at incentivizing the private sector R&D. Patent reforms was the most significant policy reform.


Abstract: India and Baltic Sea Region (BSR) may seem very different areas of the world, and indeed in many ways they are heterogeneous. But, there are many similarities.


Abstract: Over recent years India has witnessed wide-ranging economic reforms in her policies governing international trade and FDI flows. Consequently, both trade and FDI flows have risen dramatically since 1991.


Discussion Paper: # 173

Assessing Barriers to Trade in Services in India

by Prabir De

Abstract: International trade in services has become more important in recent years as advances in technology have permitted new means of providing services across borders.

Abstract: India-Brazil partnership in the health sector is an area in which the two major economies have increasingly collaborated not only bilaterally, but also in several international forums.


Discussion Paper: # 171

India’s Union Budget: Changing Scope and the Evolving Content

by Rajeev Malhotra

Abstract: The paper reflects on the changing scope of the Union Budget and the Finance Minister’s speech and assesses the evolving content of these policy instruments in recent years.


Abstract: The brief period that we have seen of the 21st century has been marked by a drastic intensification of the global food crisis.


Abstract:The paper tries to understand precisely how the food safety regulations applied by the industrialized countries have an effect on India’s export of processed food to these markets.


Discussion Paper: # 168

Technological Change and New Actors: Debate on Returns and Regulations

by Sachin Chaturvedi

Abstract: New technology in the seed sector has brought in new actors and new requirements for regulation.