Discussion Papers

DP 183 Dr Sachin Chaturvedi

Discussion Paper: # 183

Balancing State and Community Participation in Development Partnership Projects: Emerging Evidence from Indian SDPs in Nepal

by Sachin Chaturvedi, Sushil Kumar and Shashank Mendiratta

Abstract: Since early nineties when ‘East Asian miracle’ aroused heated debate among revisionists and neoclassical economists on economic development and the role of state, two different approaches have emerged in the realm of dev

DP 182 Amb V S Seshadri

Discussion Paper: # 182

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

by V. S. Seshadri

Abstract: The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) has emerged as a major regional initiative for trade and investment liberalisation and towards enhancing competitiveness of the twelve participant countries drawn from either side of t

Discussion Paper: # 181

Logistics, Trade and Production Networks: An Empirical Investigation

by Prabir De and Amrita Saha

Abstract: Logistics services contribute to not only expansion in trade and production networks within or across countries but also help to build countries’ productive capacities.

Discussion Paper: # 180

India and Africa: Development Partnership

by Ambassador Shyam Saran


Discussion Paper: # 179

Towards a More Equitable Outcome from Rio Plus 20

by Ambassador A. Gopinathan


Discussion Paper: # 177

BRICS and South-South Cooperation in Medicine: Emerging Trends in Research and Entrepreneurial Collaborations

by Sachin Chaturvedi and Halla Thorsteinsdóttir

Abstract: Though there is huge spectrum of South-South collaboration, led by the economies from the BRICS countries in the medical field there is a lack of studies examining the extent and characteristics of these collabo


Discussion Paper: # 176

The R&D Scenario in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

by Reji K Joseph

Abstract: A set of policy reforms have been introduced in the Indian pharmaceutical sector since mid-1990s, aimed at incentivizing the private sector R&D. Patent reforms was the most significant policy reform.


Abstract: India and Baltic Sea Region (BSR) may seem very different areas of the world, and indeed in many ways they are heterogeneous. But, there are many similarities.


Abstract: Over recent years India has witnessed wide-ranging economic reforms in her policies governing international trade and FDI flows. Consequently, both trade and FDI flows have risen dramatically since 1991.