Discussion Papers

dp157-Dr. Ram Upendra Das

Abstract: Realizing its importance, the South Asian region has also embarked upon various processes of regional economic integration.


Discussion Paper: # 156

The European Union’s Proposed Carbon Equalization System: Can it be WTO Compatible?

by Biswajit Dhar and Kasturi Das

Abstract:Numerous political statements by the world leaders on the urgency of reaching an ambitious climate deal in Copenhagen notwithstanding, the actual discussions at the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate C


Discussion Paper: # 155

Addressing the Defaults of Globalization

by Prof. Jan Pronk


Abstract: This paper look into the key issues concerning trade facilitation and SMEs, particularly how information technology related measures have influenced SMEs.


Abstract: Technology development and transfer has been identified as a key element in the Bali Action Plan.

Abstract: It has become an article of faith in international trade negotiations that farmers in developing countries have much to gain from agricultural trade liberalization. This paper assesses the evidence for such claims.


Discussion Paper: # 150

Policies for Industrial Learning in China and Mexico

by Kevin P. Gallagher and Mehdi Shafaeddin

Abstract: Previous work has shown that the results of both China and Mexico’s export-led market reforms over the past quarter century have been strikingly different.


Abstract: Indian and Chinese enterprises have emerged as important outward investors in recent times with their involvement in a number of prominent Greenfield investments and acquisitions.