Discussion Papers

Abstract: India’s development partnership in Africa has acquired new momentum in the recent years.

Discussion Paper: # 212

Monetary Policy: Its Changing Objectives, Instruments and Results

by Manmohan Agarwal and Irfan Shah

Abstract: This paper seeks to examine how the objectives of monetary policy have changed over the years from one of supporting public investment to one of inflation control and still later to inflation targeting.

Abstract: This study attempts to examine how access to finance and financial development affects firm’s ability to export in Asia–Pacific countries.

Abstract: Trade facilitation has been focused on addressing issues related to customs clearance and regulatory processes of other agencies dealing with clearance of goods.

Abstract: RCEP member countries cover half the world population, 30 per cent of world GDP and a quarter of world trade.

Abstract: This paper presents new evidence on pre-mature deindustrialization being witnessed by India in terms of rising share of imports in final consumption.

Discussion Paper: # 207

Trade in High Technology Products Trends and Policy Imperatives for BRICS

by Sachin Chaturvedi, Sabyasachi Saha and Prativa Shaw

Abstract: This paper examines the emerging strength of BRICS in hightechnology trade. We reviewed trends in high-technology trade primarily in BICS (excluding Russia).

Discussion Paper: # 206

India-Africa Seed Sector Collaboration: Emerging Prospects and Challenges

by T.P. Rajendran and Amit Kumar

Abstract: India-Africa seed sector has promises for improving trade with various African nations.

Abstract: Development cooperation is an integral part of India’s foreign policy and India has been extending cooperation to its fellow developing countries even before its independence in 1947.