Discussion Papers

Discussion Paper: # 223

A True People’s Commonwealth: Towards A Common Future

Rajesh Tandon & Kaustuv Kanti Bandyopadhyay

Abstract: The frequent occurrence of natural disasters worldwide has caused massive loss of human lives and resources in the recent years, and has amplified the severity in terms of lost output and job loss.

Discussion Paper: # 221

Cooperation in Agriculture in AAGC: Innovations and Agro-Processing

Krishna Ravi Srinivas

Abstract: Agriculture, the backbone of many African economies, provides livelihood to the teeming millions and absorbs a significant fraction of local workforce.

Abstract: Agriculture is important for Africa for generating income and employment.

Abstract: People-to-People Partnership (PPP) is an important and inevitable mode of interactions in the sphere of international relations.

Discussion Paper: # 218

Asia-Africa Cooperation in Human Resource Development

by Santosh Mehrotra

Abstract: Sub Saharan Africa is gifted with a young population underthe age of 25 years; they are two-thirds of its population.

Discussion Paper: # 217

Trade Facilitation in Asia Africa Growth Corridor: Potential for India-Japan Cooperation in Africa

by S.K. Mohanty, Priyadarshi Dash, Vaibhav Kaushik and Bhaskar Kashyap

Abstract: Trade facilitation infrastructure and systems in many countries of Asia and Africa are still far from global benchmarks.

Abstract: Ensuring Women’s their participation in the economy requires access to skills, technology and finance.

Discussion Paper: # 215

Health Sector Cooperation in Asia Africa Growth Corridor

by Harpreet Sandhu

Abstract: Asia and Africa being home to one-third of human population face the daunting challenge of meeting the demand for healthcare services, disease prevention and management. The burden of provision of healthcare

Abstract: Africa has witnessed significant economic growth in recent years but its growth process is impaired by lack of skills and emigration of skilled workforce to other regions of the world.