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Global Goals (SDGs) for post-COVID: Dealing with Reversal of Gains and Spectre of Global Poverty

Policy Brief No. 97

 Prepared by: Dr Sabyasachi Saha, and Prativa Shaw

Published Year:  Septemberr,  2020


Public Goods and STI Policy

Policy Brief No. 96

 Prepared by: Dr Ravi K Srinivas

Published Year:  September,  2020


Access, Equity and Inclusion and Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

Policy Brief No. 94

 Prepared by: Dr Ravi K Srinivas

Published Year:  August,  2020


Financing Technology Delivery for SDGs: A Way Forward for TFM

Policy Brief No. 76

 Prepared by: Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi and Dr. Sabyasachi Saha

Published Year:  November,  2016