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2018-19 marks the fifteenth-anniversary of IBSA. In order to revitalize IBSA partnership, the IBSA Visiting Fellowship Program was instituted at RIS, with the support of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. The Programme aims to promote academic exchange of young scholars in the field of economics and social sciences to strengthen research collaboration among India, Brazil and South Africa in the spirit of South-South Cooperation. The Fellowship programme focuses on multilateral institutional frameworks to coordinate, support and enable sustainable development globally; joint research for cooperation and exchange of information in the fields of macro-economy, trade and development; and any other area as may be found of interest within the IBSA framework. The diverse range of important issues selected by IBSA scholars from India, Brazil and South Africa for in-depth research work covers Agriculture, Global Production Networks, Trade and Investment, South-South Cooperation and IBSA Fund.



The program was formally launched by RIS on 28 November 2016 at a special function by Secretary (East), Ministry of External Affairs. It was, among others, attended by the representatives of IBSA member States, including diplomats from Brazil, South Africa and other developing countries. For more information Click Here


IBSA Visting Fellowship Details


Second Batch of IBSA Fellows 2019


First Batch of IBSA Fellows 2017-2018

  • Camila Amorim Jardim

    IBSA Fellow
    Name:- Camila Amorim Jardim


  • Daniel Martins Silva

    IBSA Fellow
    Name:- Daniel Martins Silva


  • Garima Dhir

    IBSA Fellow
    Name:- Garima Dhir


  • Dr. Shaikh Mohd Mouzam

    IBSA Fellow
    Name:- Dr. Shaikh Mohd Mouzam


  • Siyasanga Dingela

    IBSA Fellow
    Name:- Siyasanga Dingela



Report by IBSA Fellows 2017-18

Faculty Coordinator
Dr. Sabyasachi Saha
Assistant Professor
Research and Information System for Developing Countries