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Special Issue on Biofuels and South Aisa: Policy Options

Guest Editor: K.V. Raju

Vol. 8 No 2 March 2006 ISSN: 0972-7566
  Biofuels in South Asia: An Overview
K.V. Raju
  Improved Livelihoods and environmental Protection through Biodiesel Plantations in Asia
Suhas P. Wani, M. Osman, Emmanuel D'Silva, and T.K. Sreedevi
  Liquid Biofuels in South Asia: Resources and Technologies 
Linoj Kumar NV, Prabha Dhavala, Anandajit Goswami, and Sameer Maithel
  Biofuel Laws in Asia: Instruments for Energy Access, Security, Environmental Protection and Rural Empowerment
M P Ram Mohan, G T Thomas Phillippe and M V Shiju
  Biofuels and WTO: An emerging Context 
R S Deshpande
  Bio News 
  Bio Web 
  Bio Stats 
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