Publications by Dr. S.K. Mohanty


India-China Bilateral Trade Relationship by S K Mohanty, RIS, New Delhi, 2014.

Expanding Regional Production and Trade in South Asia with Regional Production Network RIS and ADB, 2013

Regional Cooperation for Infrastructure Development: Towards an Institutional Framework for Investment in the IOR-ARC (co-authored with Priyadarshi Dash) RIS, New Delhi, 2013

Trade and Investment Prospects of the IOR-ARC in the New Millennium: New Economic Frontiers of the Region
by S. K. Mohanty and Priyadarshi Dash, RIS, New Delhi, 2012.
Globalization and the Non-Aligned Movement An Economic Agenda for Action, 2003
Relevance of a Clearing and Payments Arrangement for the IOR-ARC Region by Nagesh Kumar and S.K. Mohanty, 2000.
WTO and Industrial Tariffs - An Emperical Analysis for India by Rajesh Mehta and S.K. Mohanty, 1999.
Complementarily in Trade and Production-Intra-South Potentials by V.R. Panchamukhi, R. G. Nambiar, Rajesh Mehta, G.A. Tadas and S. K. Mohanty, 1995.
Economic Cooperation in the SAARC Region :Potential, Constraints and Policies by V. R. Panchamukhi, Nagesh Kumar, V.L. Rao, I.N. Mukherji, S.K. Mohanty and M.P. Lama 1990.

Discussion Paper

#138 Rise of BICS and the World Economy Implications of India’s Recent Expansion on Developing Countries by S.K. Mohanty
#134 India-Africa Economic Partnership: Trends and Prospects by S. K. Mohanty & Sachin Chaturvedi
#102 Prospects for Environmental Trade under the Regional Process in South Asia: Evidence from SAPTA and Proposals for SAFTA by S.K. Mohanty and Sachin Chaturvedi
#101 Emergence of China and India in the New Millennium: Will it Facilitate Market Access for LDCs and Developing Countries? by S.K. Mohanty and Sachin Chaturvedi
#78 Towards Formation of Close Economic Cooperation among Asian Countries by S K Mohanty, Sanjib Pohit, and Saikat Sinha Roy
#48 Regional Trade Liberalization under SAPTA and India's Trade Linkages with South Asia: An Empirical Assessment by S K Mohanty
#45 Possibility of Close Economic Cooperation between India and Singapore by S K Mohanty
#38 Analysis of Environment related Non-Tariff Measures in the European Union Implications for South Asian Exports by S.K. Mohanty and T.R. Manoharan
#11 Alternate Forms of Trading Arrangements in Indian Ocean Basin: Implication for India from IOR-ARC by Rajesh Mehta and S.K. Mohanty
FIDC Policy Briefs/  
#7 Indian Development Cooperation: A Theoretical and Institutional Framework, prepared by Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi, Director General and Prof. S.K. Mohanty, RIS
  Resurging South: Stylized Facts, Prepared by the RIS team comprising of Prof. S. K. Mohanty, Dr. Priyadarshi Dash, Dr.
Sabyasachi Saha, Dr. Sushil Kumar and Ms. Aastha Gupta.

Select Other Publications

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“Relevance of SAARC Development Fund for Expanding Trade within the SAARC Region.” Strategy paper for the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, 2013.
“Should India Join Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in the ERA of 21st Century RTAs?” Strategy paper for the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, 2013.
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