Publications by Dr. Priyadarshi Dash

Contribution to RIS Reports

World Trade and Development Report, 2015
Prospects of Blue Economy in the Indian Ocean, 2015
Regional Cooperation for Infrastructure Development: Towards an Institutional Framework for Investment in the IOR-ARC, 2013
Trade and Investment Prospects of the IOR-ARC in the New Millennium: New Economic Frontiers of the Region, 2012
Trade and Investment Linkages between India and China, 2011
South Asia Development Cooperation Report, 2008

Journal Papers

“Explaining Korea’s Development Success: Role of Scientific R&D, FDI and Industrial Catch-Up”, 2017. Man & Development (Forthcoming).
“Predicting Financial Crises: A Study of Asian Economies”, 2017. Global Business Review(forthcoming).
“India-Africa Trade: Current Trends and Policy”, 2015. Journal of Studies in Dynamics and Change, Vol. 1, No. 7, pp. 268-279.
“Exchange Rate Volatility in Post-floating Regime in India”, Advances in Economics and Business, 2015, Vol. 3, No. 9, pp. 360-370.
“Bilateral Cooperation in IT and IT-Enabled Services between India and Korea in Post-CEPA Era: Potential and Challenges”, KIET Industrial Economic Review, Vol. 18. No. 3, pp. 45-58.
“Determinants of Foreign Exchange Reserves in India: A Multivariate Cointegration Approach”, Indian Economic Review, Vol. XXXXVI, No.1, PP. 83-107 (with K. Narayanan).
“Trade Dynamics and Foreign Exchange Reserves Management in India: An Empirical Study”, ICFAI Journal of Applied Finance, Vol.16, No.4, pp.6-27 (with K.Narayanan).

Policy Brief

“Unleashing the Potential of Blue Economy”, Blue Economy Forum Policy Brief No. 1, Research and Information System for Developing Countries (with S.K. Mohanty and Aastha Gupta). 
“Fisheries Sector in IORA: Driving Force in Region’s Blue Economy”, RIS Policy Brief, 2016 (with S. K. Mohanty and Aastha Gupta).
“AIIB: Taking Everyone Along?”, Diplomatist, Vol. 4, Issue No.8, pp. 42-46 (2016).
Resurging South: Stylized Facts, Prepared by the RIS team comprising of Prof. S. K. Mohanty, Dr. Priyadarshi Dash, Dr. Sabyasachi Saha, Dr. Sushil Kumar and Ms. Aastha Gupta.
“New Economic Frontiers”, IORA Business Directory 2014, Indian Ocean Rim Association, Mauritius.
“The Prospect of Economic Investment in the Indian Ocean Rim Countries”, Diplomatist, Vol. 3, Issue No. 7, pp. 38-41 (2015).
Reserve Management in Asia: Changing Contours and Challenges, RIS Policy Brief No. 53.

Books and Contributions to Edited Volumes

“Fiscal Policy in Post-Recession Era: Challenges and New Directions” in Trends & Patterns in Public Finance: Theoretical and Empirical Aspect. Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), New Delhi.
Universal Banking in India: Evolution, Trends and Performance, Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, 2010.
“Poverty and Unemployment in Maharashtra” in R. Sthanumoorthy (Ed), Maharashtra Economy: Performance, Opportunities and Challenges, ICFAI University Press, Hyderabad, 2007 (with L.M. Bhole).
“Impact of Universal Banking on Efficiency of Banks in India”, in Vunyale Narender and Hilda Amalraj (Ed),Advances in Research in Business and Finance, Vol. III, ICFAI University Press, Hyderabad, 2005 (with L.M. Bhole).

Book Reviews

Jha, Praveen (Ed), Progressive Fiscal Policy in India (Communicated to South Asia Economic Journal).
Ghani, Ezaz (Ed), The Service Revolution in South AsiaSouth Asia Economic Journal, 2010, Vol. 11, No. 2, pp. 345-51.
Bagchi, Amiya and Gary Dymski (Eds.), Capture and Exclude: Developing Economies and the Poor in Global FinanceSouth Asia Economic Journal, 2009, Vol. 10, No.1, pp. 254-58.