Policy briefs

Reforming the Bretton Woods System for Inclusive Development and Democratic Global Governance

Policy Brief No. 40

December, 2008

Prepared by: Dr. Ramgopal Agarwala

Deepening Regional Cooperation in the Bay of Bengal: Agenda of the BIMSTEC Summit

Policy Brief No. 38

November, 2008

Prepared by: Dr. Prabir De and Dr. I.N. Mukherji

Emerging Aid Architecture: Tightening the Conditionalities?

Policy Brief No. 37

July, 2008

Prepared by: Dr. Sachin Chaturvedi

Back to the Drawing Board: No Basis for Concluding the Doha Round of Negotiations

Policy Brief No. 36

April, 2008

Prepared by: Kevin P. Gallagher and Timothy A. Wise

Building a DevelopmentFriendly World Trading System

Policy Brief No. 35

March, 2008

Towards a Global Compact for Managing Climate Change

Policy Brief No. 34

March, 2008

Prepared by: Dr. Ramgopal Agarwala

Strengthening International Competitiveness in Knowledgebased Industries: A Strategic Approach

Policy Brief No. 32

August, 2007

Prepared by: Dr. Nagesh Kumar and Dr. K.J Joseph