Emerging trends in agricultural biotechnology: An Indian Perspective

T. P. Rajendran*

Abstract: The significance of advancements in biotechnology research was captured in the deliberations at the FAO International Symposium, held in February, 2016. The futurism that resonated from the showcasing of a number of products from the research on agricultural biotechnology was the highlight. The side-shows addressed the contemporary global benefits from agricultural biotechnology and the potential for harnessing those on scale through prudent policy approaches and fine-tuning of farmers’ practices to adjust the outcome of research on agricultural biotechnology. The contrasting views on the benevolence from agricultural biotechnology vis-a-vis improvement in utilization of farm resource efficiency did stir introspective deliberations. The socio-economic assessment of such products under different national contexts may reinforce the faith and confidence of agri-biotechnology products for farmers and consumers alike. The Indian perspective on the agricultural biotechnology for preparing the country’s agricultural state towards better preparedness for future abiotic stress challenges from global climate changes, economic growth in trade and commerce of both the commodities and input supply chain is discussed.

Key words: agricultural biotechnology, small farm challenges, socio-economic assessment, biofortified crops, climate resilient crops, animal biotechnology, diagnostics and vaccines.