Books reports

WTO and Industrial Tariffs - An Emperical Analysis for India

Rajesh Mehta and S.K. Mohanty

Published Year : 1999

WTO Agreements and Agricultural Sector: Implications and Options for India

Biswajit Dhar and Sachin Chaturvedi

Published Year : 1999

Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers of Indian Economy - A Profile

Rajesh Mehta

Published Year : 1999

The WTO Regime and Its Implications for Indian Automobile Industry

Jointly with Association of Indian Automobile Manufactures

Published Year : 1999

Women and Development

Krishna Ahooja-Patel, S. Uma Devi and G.A. Tadas (eds.)

Published Year : 1999

Price: ₹ 500.00

SAARC Survey of Development and Cooperation 1998/99

Published Year : 1998

Macroeconomic Profile of Developing Countries

Published Year : 1998

India's Border Trade with Select Neighbouring Countries

V.L. Rao, Srinath Baruach and Ram Upendra Das

Published Year : 1997

Industrial Growth and Technological Change - A Case Study of Selected Developing Countries

Rajesh Mehta and S.N. Sahay

Published Year : 1996

Towards An Asian Economic Area

V.R. Panchamukhi and Rehman Sobhan (eds.)

Published Year : 1995