Books reports

Globalization and the Non-Aligned Movement: An Economic Agenda for Action

Published Year : 2003

Globalization and the Quality of Foreign Direct Investment

Nagesh Kumar

Published Year : 2002

South Asia Development & Cooperation Report 2001-02

RIS Research Team

Published Year : 2002

India-ASEAN Partnership in an Era of Globalization Reflections by Eminent Persons

Published Year : 2002

The Rise of China: Threat or Opportunity?

Ramgopal Agarwala

Published Year : 2002

The European Union and Developing Countries’ Non-trade Concerns: An Uneasy Alliance?

Biswajit Dhar and Aileen Kwa

Published Year : 2001

Regime of the Intellectual Property Protection for Biodiversity: A Developing Country Perspective

Biswajit Dhar, Sachin Chaturvedi and R.V. Anuradha

Published Year : 2001

Indian Economy under Reforms – An Assessment of Economic and Social Impact

Nagesh Kumar (ed.)

Published Year : 2000

QR Removal and India’s Import: The Case of India’s Unilateral offer for SAARC Countries

Rajesh Mehta

Published Year : 2000

WTO and Industrial Tariffs - An Emperical Analysis for India

Rajesh Mehta and S.K. Mohanty

Published Year : 1999