Books reports

Towards an Employment-Oriented Export Strategy: Some Explorations

Published Year : 2006

Price: ₹ 195.00

Published by: RIS

ISBN: 81-7122-097-5

Environmental Requirements and Market Access for Developing Countries: Lessons from South Asian Experiences

Nagesh Kumar and Sachin Chaturvedi (eds.)

Published Year : 2006

Price: ₹ 695.00

Published by: Academic Foundation

ISBN: 81-7188-466-0

Towards and Asian Economic Community: An Agenda for the East Asia Summit

Published Year : 2006

Published by: RIS and ISEAS

India-ASEAN Economic Relations: Meeting the Challenges of Globalization

Nagesh Kumar, Rahul Sen, and Mukul Asher (eds.)

Published Year : 2006

Price: ₹ 495.00 $ 25.00

Published by: RIS and ISEAS, Singapore

ISBN: 81-7122-095-9 (India), 981-230-231-9 (Singapore)

Food Safety Regulation concerns and Trade: The Developing Country Perspective

Rajesh Mehta and J. George

Published Year : 2005

Price: ₹ 345.00

Towards an Asian Economic Community: Vision of a New Asia

Nagesh Kumar

Published Year : 2004

Price: ₹ 495.00 $ 25.00

ASEAN-India Vision 2020: Working Together for a Shared Prosperity

RIS and ASEAN-India Network of Think-Tanks

Published Year : 2004

Future Directions of BIMSTEC: Towards a Bay of Bengal Economic Community

RIS in consultation with IPS, Colombo; ITD, Bangkok; and CPD, Dhaka

Published Year : 2004

Biotechnology and Development: Challenges and Opportunities for Asia (eds)

Sachin Chaturvedi and S.R. Rao

Published Year : 2004