Skill Development in Africa: Scope for India-Japan Cooperation in Asia Africa Growth Corridor

Author Name by Manmohan Agarwal
Author Name: 
by Manmohan Agarwal

Abstract: Africa has witnessed significant economic growth in recent years but its growth process is impaired by lack of skills and emigration of skilled workforce to other regions of the world. Almost half of Africa’s population is below the age of 25 years and the skill gap could change this demographic dividend into a demographic drag. As India and other Asian countries are also facing similar challenges, there is a scope for sharing experiences particularly between India and African countries with respect to human resource development. Very often, the programs run by governments in Africa to address skill gaps are plagued by slow implementation and related issues. Among Asian countries, India and Japan have considerable experience in skill development and capacity building. In the last two decades, the Indian private sector has been also engaged in skill building. Under the Asia Africa Growth Corridor, India and Japan could share their expertise in human resources in different industrial sectors with their African counterparts to develop a local skilled workforce for industrial development in Africa. Skill development programmes may include apprenticeship programs by Indian and Japanese firms operating in Africa, skill upgradation of women and disadvantaged sections by NGOs and reviving formal education system through universities in Africa, among others


Keywords: AAGC, skill development, capacity building, industry