Raising Farming Efficiency for Sustained Agriculture in Asia Africa Growth Corridor

Author Name T. P. Rajendran
Author Name: 
T. P. Rajendran

Abstract: Agriculture is important for Africa for generating income and employment. Considering the prevailing scenario and the perceived benefits of agricultural mechanisation for intensification of African agriculture, efforts are required both at policy and industry level to manufacture all the useful machines, implements and tools for the various countries. Supporting and enabling policies can provide for creating conducive financing mechanisms and tools for both farmers and suppliers of the African nations to overcome the challenges faced by the sector. Exchange of expertise between the countries of the continent could bring about mutually integrated commodity production for their markets. The expertise from Asia in both manufacturing sector of farm machinery and food processing could enhance the continent’s capacity to increase the agricultural productivity as this continent offers twenty first century food requirement of increasing African population. Advancements in science and technology in all modern branches of innovations could be funneled to foment the capacity and enabling policies of African nations either as sovereign or as collective missions. Africa seems to have risen in this millennium for taking up this humongous challenge to make its own revolution in Agriculture.

Keywords: Gene revolution, agro-processing, value chains, manufacture of agro-machinery, food Processing