India-Japan Cooperation for Promoting People-to-People Partnership in Asia Africa Growth Corridor

Author Name by Ruchita Beri
Author Name: 
by Ruchita Beri

Abstract: India’s development partnership in Africa has acquired new momentum in the recent years. Historically, India has developed close partnership with African counterparts through its bilateral, regional and multilateral initiatives. Japan, on the other hand, has been engaged in various assistance projects in Africa as part of its Official Development Assistance including the Tokyo International Conference on African Development.Both India and Japan’s development cooperation with Africa is in line with the Agenda 2063 which aims to accelerate Africa’s economic growth. Some of those key areas of cooperation that Japan and India currently focus in the framework of AAGC are education, human resource development and skills enhancement, agriculture, infrastructure, information technology and health. This reflects that there are many parallels between India and Japan’s approach towards establishing strong connection with the African countries. Capitalizing on the existing synergy both the countries should jointly follow a demand-driven approach in choosing the development projects, developing networks among think tanks from Asia and Africa, and focus on developing human resource and capacity building.

Keywords: AAGC, development cooperation, education, health, capacity building