G20 Digest

Call for Papers


G20 is gaining importance as a global platform for articulation of economic, social and development issues, opportunities, concerns and challenges that the world is confronting now. Over the years, G20 has witnessed a significant broadening of its agenda into several facets of development. India is going to assume G20 presidency in 2022 which would be important not only for the country but also for other developing countries for meeting the Sustainable Development Goals and achieving an inclusive society. India can leverage this opportunity to help identify G20 the suitable priority areas of development and contribute to its rise as an effective global platform.


In that spirit, Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS), a leading policy research institution based in New Delhi, has launched a publication called G20 Digest to generate informed debate and promote research and dissemination on G20 and related issues. This bi-monthly publication covers short articles of 3000 to 4000 words covering policy perspectives, reflections on past and current commitments and proposals on various topics and sectors of interest to G20 countries and its possible ramifications on world economy along with interviews of important personalities and news commentaries.


The Digest offers promising opportunities for academics, policy makers, diplomats and young scholars for greater outreach to the readers through different international networks that RIS and peer institutions in other G20 countries have developed over the years. The interested authors may find more information about the Digest and submission guidelines on the web link: http://www.ris.org.in/journals-n-newsletters/G20-Digest.