Cooperation in Disaster and Climate Risk Management in AAGC

Author Name Rajeev Issar
Author Name: 
Rajeev Issar

Abstract: The frequent occurrence of natural disasters worldwide has caused massive loss of human lives and resources in the recent years, and has amplified the severity in terms of lost output and job loss. In view of the escalation of risks across the affected countries, the Sendai Framework and the 2030 Agenda have stressed upon the importance of the Risk-informed Development. A number of countries in Asia and Africa have faced floods, tsunamis, droughts, earthquakes, etc in the past and continues to remain prone to high-risk natural disasters. In that context, this paper gathers the risks associated with natural disasters in the AAGC region and identifies the possible areas of collaboration between India, Japan and other countries in Asia and Africa. It also highlights the experiences of India and Japan in disaster management which can be adopted in the African countries.The scope of cooperation in AAGC could broadly cover the disaster risk information and climate services, strengthening data and statistical analysis of disaster-related information, risk-informed urban development, capacity building, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and knowledge management and information sharing.

Keywords: AAGC; disaster; risk; capacity building; climate change