Publications By Prof. Mukul G. Asher

Books / Monographs Authored

Environment and the Developing World (with Avijit Gupta), (Chichester: John Wiley), 1998. Pp. 360.
The Macroeconomics of Financing Government Expenditure: A Survey of the Static Consequences (with R.S. Rajan), (Singapore: Singapore University Press), 1997, pp. 129.
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Indirect Taxation in ASEAN, (Joint author with Anne Booth), (Singapore: Singapore University Press), 1983, 242 pp.
Revenue Systems of ASEAN Countries: An Overview. Singapore: Singapore University Press, 1980. 66 pp.

Editorial Work on Books

India-ASEAN Economic Relations: Meeting the Challenges of Globalization (Joint with Nagesh Kumar and Rahul Sen), (New Delhi: RIS), 2006, pp. 1-12.
Public Policy In Asia: Implications for Business and Government (Joint Editor with David Newman and Thomas P. Snyder), (Westport: Quorum Books), 2002, pp.341.
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ASEAN South Asia Economic Relations, (Joint editor with Charan Wadhva), (Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies), 1985, 384 pp.
Issues in Public Finance in Singapore, (Joint editor with Susan Osborne), (Singapore: Singapore University Press), 1980, 236 pp.


Journal Articles

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Monographs, Occasional Papers, Discussion Papers & Policy Briefs

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