Occasional Papers

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#66 Capital Inflows and Effects of Market-Driven Investments: A Focus on Southeast Asian Crisis
by Biswajit Dhar, Murali Kallummal, 2002.
#65 Status of Biotechnology in Singapore
by Sachin Chaturvedi, 2002.
#64 Implementation of the Agreement on Agriculture: Issues and Options 
by Biswajit Dhar, Sudeshna Dey, 2002
#63 WTO, Liberalisation and Industrial Sector - The Case of Market Access 
by Rajesh Mehta, 2001.
#62 Foreign Direct Investment, Regional Economic Integration and Industrial Restructuring in Asia: Trends, Patterns and Prospoects 
by Nagesh Kumar, 2001.
#61 An Alternative to Investment Promotion in Developing Countries: A Case Study of India Primary Market
by Murali K., 2001.
#60 The Non-Trade Concerns in the Agreement on Agriculture 
by Biswajit Dhar, 2001.
#59 A Framework of Cooperation in Conservation of Biodiversity in South Asia: Profile of Issues and Challenges 
by Sachin Chaturvedi and K.P.S.Chauhan, 2001.
#58 Dumping and Anti-Dumping Measures - Policy and Practice 
by J.K. Bagchi, 1999.
#57 Integrated Programme of Action in SAARC: Genesis, Evaluation, Constraints and Rationale for Revamping 
by Mahendra P. Lama, 1999.
#56 Multinational Enterprises, Overseas R&D Activity and Global Technological Order 
by Nagesh Kumar, 1998.
#55 Egyptian Approaches to Neo-Regionalism and Their Asian Implications 
by Mohammad EL-Sayed Selim, 1998.
#54 Economic Liberalisation in South Asia Performance and Prospects 
by Ric Shand, 1998.
#53 Economic Development in Sri Lanka during the 50 Years of Independence: What Went Wrong?
by Saman Kelegama, 1998.
#52 Multilateral Regime for Foreign Investment: An Assessment of the Emerging Trends 
by Biswajit Dhar & Sachin Chaturvedi, 1997.
#51 Globalisation, Competition and Economic Stability 
by V.R. Panchamukhi, 1997.
#50 Singapore's Foreign Direct Investment in Indochina & Myanmar: Opportunities & Challenges 
by Joseph L.H. Tan, 1997.
#49 Mobilization of Domestic Financial Resources for Development: The Asian Experience 
by Azizul Islam, 1996.
#48 The Uruguay Round Agreement - A Critical Appraisal 
by Biswajit Dhar, 1995.
#47 Regional Integration and Development: Panacea or Pitfalls? 
by Percy S. Mistry, 1995.
#46 How East Asia Grew So Fast? Slow Progress Towards an Analytical Consensus 
by Ajit Singh, 1995.
#45 Developing Countries in the International Division of Labour in Design Engineering and Construction Services: The Case of India 
by Nagesh Kumar and Sundeep Waslekar, 1994.
#44 Recent Developments, in Trade Theory and Practice 
by V. R Panchamukhi, 1994.
#43 External Debt Crisis of Developing Countries: Its Emergence and Prospects 
by Biswajit Dhar, 1993.
#42 Single European Market and India’s Trade: A Macroeconometric Analysis 
by Rajesh Mehta, 1993.
#41 India and ASEAN: Issues in Sectoral Dialogue Partnership 
by V.L. Rao and R. Upendra Das, 1993.
#40 Resource Mobilisation for South Asian Development: Role and Rationale of Substantial International Transfers
by Kalyan M. Raipuria and Purnima M. Gupta, 1993.
#39 Credibility Waves and the Stock Markets 
by V.L. Rao 1993.
#38 Response of Indian Firms to the Challenges of the Single European Market 
by Sundeep Waslekar, 1993.
#37 Single European Market, Multinationals and Industrial Reorganisation: Implications for Developing Countries 
by Nagesh Kumar, 1992.
#36 Exchange Rates and Underdevelopment: Observations on the ‘Realistic’ Devaluation Debate 
by Jumanne Hamisi Wagao, 1992.
#35 National Sovereignty, External Dependence and the Government of Bangladesh 
by Rehman Sobhan, 1992.
#34 Inflation in Asia: A Quantitative Analysis 
by V. R. Panchamukhi and V.L. Rao, 1992.
#33 Sub-Regional Industrial Projects in Africa: A Review of the Western Experience 
by Samuel Agonda Ochola, 1991.
#32 Macroeconomics and Trade Linkages in SAARC: An Econometric Model for India 
by V.R. Panchamukhi and Rajesh Mehta, 1990.
#31 Lessons of the Negotiating Experience of Developing Countries in Selected International Economic Negotiations - An Analytical Framework 
by Godfrey Gunatilleke and S. R. Breckenridge, 1990.
#30 Aid in the 1990’s with Special Reference to the World Bank and IDA 
by J.L. Bajaj and V.R. Panchamukhi, 1990.
#29 Resources, Employment and Development Financing: Producing without Destroying - The Case of Brazil 
by lgnacy Sachs, 1989.
#28 Non-Project Lending by the World Bank- Its Evolution from Programme to Policy Based Lending 
by M. Narasimham, 1989.
#27 Structural Adjustment Lending - A Preliminary Analysis, Policy Based Lending of the World Bank by Dragoslav Avramovic, 1989.
#26 Trade Liberalisation, The Tariff Foreign Price Paradox 
by Rajesh Mehta and R. G. Nambiar, 1989.
#25 Growth, Trade and Structural Changes in the Asian Region 
by V.R. Panchamukhi, 1989.
#24 Determinants of Traditional and New Forms of Foreign Investments: The Case of Indian Manufacturing 
by Nagesh Kumar, 1989.
#23 Perferential Trade Area for Eastern and Southern African States: Some Observations 
by K. Rajeswaran, 1988.
#22 Regional and Sub-Regional Integration in Africa: Perspectives, Problematiques and Prospects 
by Bingu Wa Mutharika, 1987.
#21 Economic Integration as a Pre-Requisite of Industrial Development: The Latin American Experience 
by Felipe Herrera, 1987.
#20 World Trade Prospects
by Sidney Weintraub, 1987.
#19 Twenty Five Years of the Inter-American Development Bank 
by Felipe Herrera, 1987.
#18 Development Dialogue in the 1980s and Beyond 
by Sukhamoy Chakravarty, 1987.
#17 On the Reforms of the International Trading System 
by Vijay Laxman Kelkar, 1987.
#16 The Functioning of the International Monetary System - A Critique of the Perspective of the Industrial Countries 
by Arjun Sen Gupta, 1987.
#15 Agricultural Surpluses, Variable Land and Long-run Growth in an Open Dual Economy 
by Ramesh C. Kumar, 1987.
#14 Economic Growth and the Terms of Trade of Primary Product Exporter - A Dynamic Analysis 
by Ramesh C. Kumar, 1987.
#13 A Social Development Planning Model 
by Syed Othamn Alhabshi and M.G. Kanbur, 1986.
#12 A Social Development Planning Model 
by Syed Othamn Alhabshi and M.G. Kanbur, 1986.
#11 The Asian Clearing Union - Towards Monetary Cooperation 
by B.K. Madan, 1986.
#10 Adjustment: To What End ? 
by S. Guhan, 1986.
#09 The Bangkok Agreement — An Evaluation of Preferential Trading Arrangement in the ESCAP Region 
by Indra Nath Mukherji, 1986.
#08 Industrial Cooperation among Developing Countries and the Role of UNIDO — Present and Future Perspectives 
by S. Nanjundan, 1986.
#07 Industrial Cooperation among Developing Countries and the Role of UNIDO — Present and Future Perspectives 
by S. Nanjundan, 1986.
#06 The Inequity of the International Economic Order: Some Explanation and Policy Implications
by Raj Krishna, 1985.
#05 Industrialisation, Foreign Capital and Technology Transfer - Mexican Experience 1930-1985 
by Miguel Wionczek, 1985.
#04 New Perspectives in North-South and South-South Economic Relations, 1985.
#03 The World Crisis: How to Serve the Interest of the South?
by Jan Tinbergen, 1984.
#02 Transfer of Resources to Developing Countries - Nature and Direction of Reform in the International Financial System 
by M. Narasimham, 1984.
#01a Trade and Development : Some Basic Issues
by Sukhamoy Chakravarty, 1984. (RIS Reprint Series No.1).
#01 The International Monetary System - Its Shortcomings and Inequities in Relation to Developing Countries 
by M. Narasimham, 1984.