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“One cannot but be captivated by the vision of an integrated market, spanning the distance from the Himalayas to the Pacific Ocean, linked by efficient road, rail, air and shipping services.

This community of nations (an Asian Economic Community, which encompasses ASEAN, China, Japan, Korea and India) would constitute an “arc of advantage”, across which there would be large-scale movement of people, capital, ideas and creativity. Such a community would be roughly the size of the European Union in terms of income and bigger than NAFTA in terms of trade.

It would account for hal...

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Abstract: This article investigates the growth and regional disparity scenario that Asian economies have been facing in the contemporary period. It attempts to investigate whether or not there exists income convergence across Asian economies over the period of 1990 to 2017 and also identifies...


This paper examines the evolution of the objectives of monetary policy and how after a detour it has returned to the control of inflation as it was under the Gold Standard (GS). But whereas it was geared to external conditions during the GS, it has moved full circle and should...

Abstract: Random movements in national exchange rates particularly against major global invoicing currencies such as US dollar, euro, pound sterling, etc. cause uncertainty in export proceeds and import payments. Along with other hedging instruments, trade in local currency instead of global...

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