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“One cannot but be captivated by the vision of an integrated market, spanning the distance from the Himalayas to the Pacific Ocean, linked by efficient road, rail, air and shipping services.

This community of nations (an Asian Economic Community, which encompasses ASEAN, China, Japan, Korea and India) would constitute an “arc of advantage”, across which there would be large-scale movement of people, capital, ideas and creativity. Such a community would be roughly the size of the European Union in terms of income and bigger than NAFTA in terms of trade.

It would account for hal...

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Abstract: At the 70th Summit of UN in September 2015 the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with 17 goals and 169 targets at its core called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was adopted by the 193 Member states. Further to that, an initial set of 232 global indicators was adopted by UN...


The paper assesses India’s digital preparedness for international trade by comparing its digital infrastructure to other major developing countries’ and identified developed countries’ digital infrastructures. Further, the paper estimates value-added by digital services in...

Abstract: This paper explores fiscal instruments for promoting firm level R&D across the BICS (BRICS minus Russia) and six selected countries as well as the European Union (EU). The selected countries (apart from the BICS and EU) are Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Thailand, and...

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