Nanotechnology Development in India: An Overview

Author Name by Amit Kumar
Author Name: 
by Amit Kumar

Abstract: Nanotechnology has been heralded as a revolutionary technology by many scholars worldwide. Being an enabling technology, it has the potential to open up new vistas in the field of R&D in various multiple disciplines and have wide domain of sectoral applications, ranging from healthcare/medicines, electronics, textiles, agriculture, construction, water treatment, and food processing to cosmetics. Much of these applications are very much pertinent for a developing country like India. In this context, the government has been playing a pioneering role in fostering and promoting nanotechnology R&D in India since early 2000s. This discussion paper attempts to capture the nanotechnology development in India by highlighting the various initiatives undertaken by the government to promote basic R&D in it, the major actors involved and the state of regulatory framework existing in the country. It also looks into these aspects vis-à-vis certain global initiatives/trends.

KeywordsNanotechnology, nanomission, risk and regulation, capacity building, environmental and health impacts