New Asia Monitor

RIS has been supporting the process of regional economic integration in Asia with its studies and research. Besides its pioneering contribution to the process of economic integration in South Asia, it has been supporting the ASEAN-India economic partnership. It has been developing proposals of a broader pan-Asian economic integration as a part of a research programme supported by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation. As its most recent initiative, the RIS has set up the New Asia Forum as a dedicated network of think-tanks in Asia devoted to assist this process of regional integration and thus help in building a New Asia with ideas. The New Asia Monitor, as a newsletter of the Forum, seeks to disseminate the news, viewpoints and information about resources among the policy circles and think-tanks to promote the cause of regional economic integration. The Forum is setting up a dedicated website as the melting pot for all the relevant information and resources on the subject.

Feedback and contributions are invited from all concerned.