India-Singapore CECA An Appraisal of Progress

Author: RIS & AIC
Published Year: 2017
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About the Report
This is the third report brought out by the RIS and the ASEAN-India Center with Dr.V.S.Seshadri as the lead investigator. The first report was on India- Korea CEPA and was published in September 2015.The second report was on India- Japan CEPA that was published in August 2016. These studies have been made at a time when India is moving ahead with its negotiations to conclude more FTAs including the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement. It is hoped that these reports will provide some insights and useful suggestions to Indian negotiators in this context as well.

The present study entitled “India-Singapore CECA – An Appraisal” aims to study the India-Singapore bilateral economic relations in a comprehensive and objective manner by discussing various aspects related to trade and investment in the light CECA and India-ASEAN FTA. It also undertakes to identify the areas where India needs to come out with fresh initiatives for promoting trade with Singapore. Though the trends in investment are encouraging, still there is need to move forward in the direction of strengthening them.