Economic Integration and Development Partnerships: Southern Perspectives

Author: RIS
Published Year: 2017
Published by: RIS, New Delhi
ISBN: 81-7122-126-2
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About the Report

As part of its work programme on capacity-building among developing countries on global and regional economic issues RIS has been conducting its flaghship Capacity- Building Programme on International Economic Issues and Development Policy (IEIDP) under the ITEC/SCAAP programme of the Ministry of External Affairs. The programme is aimed to inculcate in participants enhanced understanding on challenges and opportunities associated with the processes of globalization and development. It is also designed to expose the participants to the growing complexities of global economic issues and negotiations and to build their analytical skills to deal with them. In this year’s programme, conducted from 13 February-10 March 2017, 33 participants from 25 countries took part.

The participants enthusiastically engaged in technical sessions and group discussions. They identified critical areas to deliberate upon and eventually come up with status papers highlighting regional and global contexts and country experiences. Based on individual areas of expertise and inclination, they formed five thematic groups as follows: 1) Regional Economic Integration, 2) Development Partnership, 3) Financing for Development, 4) Pathways of Economic Growth in Developing Countries and 5) National and Regional Priorities of Development & the SDGs. We are pleased to publish this short Report comprising contributions from each group.