Cooperation in Agriculture in AAGC: Innovations and Agro-Processing

Author Name Krishna Ravi Srinivas
Author Name: 
Krishna Ravi Srinivas

Abstract: Agriculture, the backbone of many African economies, provides

livelihood to the teeming millions and absorbs a significant fraction of

local workforce. Africa remains a net food importer and its agricultural

sector is underdeveloped. The level of investment in agriculture and agro-

processing sectors is quite low compared to other sectors of economy.

Besides agriculture infrastructure, innovations in food processing,

seeds, farm machinery and implements, rural value chain infrastructure,

ICT applications,

inter alia

are crucial to enhance productivity and

competitiveness of agriculture sector in Africa. I

nvestment in agriculture

has increased considerably in Africa as per the Comprehensive Africa

Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) targets. Moreover, Africa’s

policies on agriculture are inspired by the goals envisaged in the Agenda

2063. On the other hand, India, Japan and other countries in Asia do

recognize the need for promoting innovations as well as joint collaboration

with other countries in Africa. Asia-Africa collaboration for innovations

in agriculture in the spirit of development partnership may create virtuous

cycle of growth, innovation and job creation in the two continents. This

paper explores the priority areas for cooperation among the Asian and

African countries to move forward in agriculture sector.

Keywords: AAGC, innovation, food processing, seeds, investment