BRICS and South-South Cooperation in Medicine: Emerging Trends in Research and Entrepreneurial Collaborations

Author Name by Sachin Chaturvedi and Halla Thorsteinsdóttir
Author Name: 
by Sachin Chaturvedi and Halla Thorsteinsdóttir

Abstract: Though there is huge spectrum of South-South collaboration, led by the economies from the BRICS countries in the medical field there is a lack of studies examining the extent and characteristics of these collaborations and evaluating their benefits. The authors’ research on South-South research and entrepreneurial collaboration in health biotechnology shows relatively strong involvement of the emerging economies BRICS, apart from some of the other economies such as Cuba, also actively pursues South-South collaboration. This collaboration is generally mutually beneficial for both participating countries, and aimed at shared health needs. As a result the collaboration does not necessarily consist of donor-recipient relationships but heavily reflect capacity-building efforts, where capacity in health biotechnology research and development was extended through South-South collaboration.
Key Words: BRICS, IBSA, South-South Cooperation, Health and Medicine