Brainstorming Session on INDIA-BRAZIL-SOUTH AFRICA dialogue

Event Date: Tuesday,27 March, 2018
Event Venue: RIS, New Delhi
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IBSA Fellowship Programme


Schedule of discussions:

Chair:  Ambassador Amar Sinha, Distinguished Fellow, RIS

  1.       IBSA Fellows’ key research findings (30 min)
  •        Paper 1 - IBSA Forum: Interceptive histories and a joint future under a new Southern cooperation paradigm (Presenter: Camila Jardim)
  •        Paper 2 – Moving South-South Cooperation Forward: Perspectives from India, Brazil and South Africa (Presenter: Daniel Martins)
  •        Paper 3 – IBSA Fund: a Southern cooperation laboratory (joint presentation)

     2.      Open discussions and debate: we invite the participants to give inputs based on their own experiences on policy practices and/or research (1 hour)

Profile of the presenters:

Camila Amorim Jardim is IBSA Fellow Researcher in RIS, PhD candidate in International Relations in PUC-Rio (Brazil) and research collaborator at BRICS Policy Center (Brazil).

Daniel Martins Silva is IBSA Fellow Researcher in RIS, M.Sc in International Relations from San Tiago Dantas Program (Brazil) and research associate at South-South Cooperation Research and Policy Center (Brazil).