ASEAN-India Air Connectivity Report

Publication Address AIC, RIS

About the Book

ASEAN-India Air Connectivity Report addresses various issues and challenges concerning the air connectivity between India and ASEAN, especially relating to air cargo that would help to unlock the economic potential of the region by removing constraints and bottlenecks to growth. This Report also provides a set of recommendations to strengthen air connectivity between India and ASEAN, and to enhance economic integration between them.

Air connectivity is an important mode of transportation to carry tourist and business travellers, high-value fragile goods and perishable products from one place to another in the shortest time. Besides, it also provides significant social benefits by facilitating communication between different parts of the world and by providing greater access to remote areas.

In view of the “Make in India” initiative and rising e-commerce business, the Government of India is keen to promote the air cargo, and has proposed several initiatives in the Draft of National Civil Aviation Policy (2015), particularly to address the factors that have been affecting cost and time, and to improve the quality of air cargo services.